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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Discussion of apache -k start -n apache2 problem...
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 14:15:19 GMT
At 04:33 PM 6/3/2002, you wrote:
>This patch allows apache -k start -n apache2 to start the server.  This is 
>certainly not
>the correct fix but it should illustrate the problem for someone more 
>familier with the
>services code.  The problem (step-by-step):
>4. winnt_rewrite_args calls mpm_service_to_start, which among other things 
>calls the Win32
>call StartService() passing as one of its arguments, the string "apache2" 
>(my patch passes
>NULL instead)...

   Well that would be a bug, this should be -n Apache2 [two new args, not one]
so that the server can identify itself.

>5. As a result of the STartService() call, Windows create a new thread 
>which which calls
>service_nt_main_fn (defined in service.c).  The code in service_nt_main_fn 
>adds the
>apache2 to the mpm_new_argv argument list, so the new argv looks like this:
>apache -d c:/apache2/bin apache2

Well the missing -n prefix before apache2 would account for that.

>Another problem is that there is a race condition between the Win32 thread 
>that gets
>kicked off by the call to StartService() and the thread that is in 
>Really nasty. A good Chianti and some grated parmesan and We'd have a meal :-)
>Index: service.c
>RCS file: /home/cvs/httpd-2.0/server/mpm/winnt/service.c,v
>retrieving revision 1.51
>diff -u -r1.51 service.c
>--- service.c 17 May 2002 11:11:39 -0000 1.51
>+++ service.c 3 Jun 2002 21:04:38 -0000
>@@ -1059,12 +1061,11 @@
>          argc += 1;
>          start_argv = malloc(argc * sizeof(const char **));
>-        start_argv[0] = mpm_service_name;

-1 on the statics... need some

>          if (argc > 1)
>              memcpy(start_argv + 1, argv, (argc - 1) * sizeof(const char 
> **));
>          rv = APR_EINIT;
>-        if (StartService(schService, argc, start_argv)
>+        if (StartService(schService, 0, NULL)

You missed the point here.

If I ask for Apache -D SSL -k start ... I expect the SSL define to be USED
by the starting Apache.  You patch clobbers that.  Therefore it breaks the
ability to override ANY config option to Apache.

It sure looks like that stray service name sans -n is the culprit.  Should have
a fix in the hour.

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