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From Jimmy Lantz <>
Subject Limit GET, limits HEAD desired behaviour or not?
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2002 19:08:51 GMT
Dear Developers of apache,
I'm not familiar with the inner anals of Apache, so I turn to you for guidance.

Currently the docs states that:
"If GET is used it will also restrict HEAD requests". Apache manual 

I understand that HEAD is same as GET, except that it doesnt return body.

So is there any reason for this dependecy, besides that the requests are 
quite similiar?

Would'nt it be desired behaviour to be able to separate the two?

In WebDAV if one would like to PUT you can preferably make an HEAD request 
first to check if the file exists. (Webfolders on win uses this method for 
instance). Still you might want to Limit GET. example creating an inbox 
allowing uploads but no downloads.


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