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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Virtual Hosts Docs Bug?
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 13:59:50 GMT
Jerry Baker wrote:
> The doc at has a
> misleading statement.
> 	Configuration directives set in the main server context
> 	(outside any <VirtualHost> container) will be used only
> 	if they are not overriden by the virtual host settings.
> This led me to the erroneous conclusion that any directive set in the
> main server config would be applied to all virtual hosts unless
> explicitly overridden in a particular virtual host config. This is not
> the case. There are a few directives that are not carried over from the
> default config at all. The options that I have noticed do not carry over
> are Options, Alias, and AllowOverride. I'm sure there are more.

No.  The docs above are correct in genearl.  The only exception I can 
think of is mod_rewrite when the inherit rewriteoption is not set.

Most likely, you have a configuration problem.  Otherwise, you have 
found a bug in the code, not the documentation.


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