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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Problem sending multiple cookes in apache module
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:41:59 GMT
naqvik wrote:

>    I tried to send two cookies using the following ways:
>   1) Set-cookie: cookie1=val1;cookie2=val2

There are many browsers out there that do not support multiple cookies 
per line. Also, I think the ; terminator is incorrect. Rather use 
separate cookies.

>   2) 
>   Set-cookie: cookie1=val1
>   Set-cookie: cookie2=val2
>   But with both the approaches, browsers( IE 5.0.x and Nescape 4.7) seem to get only
the first cookie. I am using Apache 2.0 and making the call apr_table_add(r->headers_out,
...) to add the Set-cookie headers. So I am wondering where is the problem. Can some body
please help me out ?

Look carefully at the definitions of the apr_table functions: Some of 
them replace an existing header (so your second definition replaces your 
first one, resulting in just one cookie) while others don't.

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