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From "Dwayne Miller" <>
Subject Re: Build error 2.0.39 w/SSL on Win2K
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 13:51:57 GMT
Okay then.  That looks like it might be a good place to start looking. 
 But it looks like it might be a problem with the distribution as this 
file contains dependancies on other distributed files... or, the win32 
environments must be set up to include bison and related utilties.  And 
I'm not even sure where to retrieve win32 versions of bison, sed, lex, 
yacc, etc

Aryeh Katz wrote:

>>No.  I recently removed bison.  Reason was that it should not be
>>needed to build this code as the .c and .h files that would be
>>generated have already been generated and are part of the
>>distribution.  I checked again and sure enough, the dates of the .c/.h
>>files imply that they were compiled after the .l/.y sources were
>How about your .dep file? This is what ms makefiles use for dependencies...
>Aryeh Katz

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