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From jean-frederic clere <>
Subject Re: TomcatMonitor
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 09:02:31 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> At 01:58 AM 6/16/2002, Mladen Turk wrote:
>> > Finally, we need a service-specific way (probably as a subkey
>> > of the service within HKLM/CurrentControlSet/Services) to
>> > define what "Extra" user-defined ControlService codes are
>> > supported.  Win32 today supports 128 as Restart. Could add
>> > new ones later on to distinguish that Graceful from a Hard
>> > restart. Tomcat doesn't support any, but could in the future.
>> >
>> I think that the extension dll would be better solution.
>> Using registry would be simpler, but more restrictive.
> No... it's really not restrictive at all, it's a well defined API.  I 
> believe the
> status codes are extensible as well, although I have to look at the API
> to be certain.  But let's not reinvent wheels ;-)
> We've gotta remember that folks don't compile for Apache, and we really
> want to place as much configuration/control in the hands of the users as
> we possibly can.  So I'd put user configuration over custom APIs any day.
> I really hate the idea of building a new extension API when one exists, 
> so...
> we should be able to host the service control dialog extension.  'Should'
> is the operative word, I started hacking but coding to undocumented
> interfaces gets rough.  But my point is this; if someone codes an extended
> dialog for the Apache service, for example, it would be available from both
> ApacheMonitor and the Services MMC view under properties.
> What I don't want to do is start investing a bunch of time at 9x pseudo
> services when XP home [finally] really melds together the 'home' OS with
> what we need in terms of real NT service control.  That bit might be harder
> to define to everyone's satisfaction, but I bet it can be done.
> Bill

In jakarta-commons-sandbox/daemon there is already pieces of this httpd logic. 
The problem is jakarta-commons-sandbox/daemon needs cygwin in win32 plaform.
(I do not want to use something else that a gnu compiler and that was the 
fastest way to get it working)

The jakarta-commons-sandbox/daemon idea is to run services written in Java.
I use it to run Tomcat on Port 80 as user nobody
That is for Java the configuration information should be stored in a property 
file (and not in the registry).



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