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From Jerry Baker <>
Subject Re: SSL Error in Head
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2002 16:58:59 GMT
Jerry Baker wrote:
> "William A. Rowe, Jr." wrote:
> >
> > Just a thought... make sure you are using the very same *.dll's for ssleay32
> > and libeay32 ... perhaps they are different.  Also make sure you use the very
> > same build flags (NO_WHATEVER) for mod_ssl.dsp that you use when you
> > build openssl.  See
> > for my comments.
> No different dll's or flags.
> > "unexpected error" makes me ask if things just aren't out of sync, before
> > even digging in.  I'll check mozilla RC1 again and bump to RC3.  BTW - there
> > is no unpatched XP box in the mix, is there?
> Yes. I thought the XP thing was an error with chunking. Anyways, IE6
> works fine and it does HTTP 1.1 also.

Let me rephrase that. IE6 works most of the time, but the errors I do
see in IE6 do not prompt error messages to pop up in the browser, nor do
they cause entries in the error log. The IE6 errors are see under SSL
are things like images only loading halfway and the access log shows a
206 for those images.

The Mozilla error caused a pop-up alert from Mozilla itself that said
the server sent an unexpected value. The error log contained what I sent

Jerry Baker

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