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From Colm MacCárthaigh <colmm...@Redbrick.DCU.IE>
Subject Re: 2.0.38-39 lockup problem ?
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 18:13:37 GMT
On Wed, Jun 19, 2002 at 01:47:20PM -0400, Greg Ames wrote:
> Do you mean it never creates a corefile when you kill it?

I got bet to restarting the server, so never got a chance to kill
it myself.

> If so, could you gcore it or attach to it with a debugger while it's looping?  

well I've fixed the problem by adding :

RewriteCond   %{REQUEST_URI} !/error/HTTP_BAD_REQUEST.html.var

but I've done it , I can create cores if you really want them. 
To save mail, the relevant details are here:

  output of pstack and gdb	

  the rewrite log for the request 

  The relevant configuration file

The query I tried was:

GET / HTTP/1.0
Host: madeupcrap

I cut the log short, because that one request logged over 1.3Mb of crud.

> Obviously there's
> out-of-control recursion going on, but the pstack output looks a bit suspect
> (ap_internal_redirect never calls itself directly, and where's mod_rewrite?).

No idea, but I can tell you that it's definitely the mod_rewrite stuff
that's causing the problem, I can produce it demand now, by taking
out the line.

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