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From Dmitri <>
Subject chunked encoding bug fix (Apache 1.3)
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 14:34:17 GMT
The issue described in this advisory [CAN-2002-0392] is fixed in 1.3.26.
However, I could find no bug associated with this issue in Apache Bugzilla.
I would like to know whether this change is documented somewhere outside
CVS.  As far as I understand, the changes included backporting chunked
encoding handling (http_protocol.c: 1.316 -> 1.317), and using ap_strtol()
instead of strtol().  Is that all?  I need this because I would just like
to apply this fix to my local apache source tree, which is version 1.3.20.

Please let me know if this is a sensible thing to do.

  - Dmitri.

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