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From Aaron Bannert <>
Subject Re: 2.0.38 is done
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 15:46:31 GMT
> > I totally disagree. I think by making less than one release a month
> > we are doing a huge disservice to the would-be testers out there who
> > would love to live on the bleeding edge and give us valuable feedback
> > on our software.
> People who want to live on the bleeding edge should be using CVS, not a
> release.  The releases are for those people who specifically don't want
> to live on the bleeding edge, but who want to wait until we have ironed
> out as much as possible.

Unless someone stands up and says "the tree is working for me right now,
so take this and give it a try" then many people will be unwilling to
give there time. Both CVS and the nightly snapshots suffer from this
problem. Even though it may not be called a "stable" release, people
still need some qualification.

I am strongly considering making development releases on my own in order
to experiment with this theory. I would like to improve the numbers of
our test users, improve the communication channels to them, and try
to tighten the feedback loop.

> > I think we should be making releases every time we feel we have
> corrected
> > bugs or added new features, and we shoudn't be holding back a release
> > for any reason, be that "just one more thing" or "we just made a
> release".
> > If we release more often then we reduce the time our users will have
> to
> > wait to get the fixes from bugs in earlier releases.
> If you release software every three days, you aren't giving people
> enough time to test the first one before you have a second.  There MUST
> be a balance struck between getting releases into people's hands and
> overwhelming people with the number of releases.  Very early on, the
> magic number of 1 week was thrown about when discussing this release
> model.  Whether that number is correct or not is up for debate, but
> there must be a minimum amount of time between rolls.

With releases going out every 1.5 months I don't think we need to worry
about overwhelming our users. I'm also not saying that we should release
every X number of days, where X is a magic number. I _am_ saying that
we should release every time we think we have a stable tree. I think
we should make snap release and not look back. If that release is
broken on some platform, we make another release once it stabilizes. If
the foo feature doesn't work out of the box, we make another release
when that stabilizes. At least this will let us spread our collective
perfectionist compulsions across multiple releases. I believe we will
end up with quality releases in each model, but in the current model the
rate of evolution is much slower and the rate of new features seems to
be very slow.

Just my 2c,

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