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From Smiley Jonathan <>
Subject Re: [suggestion] FHS config.layout entry for httpd2
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 13:49:49 GMT
> > Smiley Jonathan ( wrote :
> >
> >   I sometimes need to run multiple httpd instances and/or versions
> > on the same machine for testing/migration.  I've got an
> > FHS-compatible config.layout entry which I use to simplify this.
> > Feel free to add this to the config.layout file if you think it
> > would be useful.
> Thom May <> wrote:
> This is pretty much the opt layout with some local mods...
> Not worth having twice, I think :)

  It was really an attempt on my part to encourage Linux standardisation
because the opt layout wasn't FHS compatible.  I though if I volunteered
the layout, people actually building Linux distributions would be
inclined to use it.

  There are some subtle but important differences from the opt layout
that aren't immediately obvious.  For example I had a fair bit of
trouble getting the opt layout to work with 2.0.36, particularly with
apxs.  But perhaps those bugs have been fixed now.

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