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From "jlwpc1" <>
Subject Re: Apache/Mingw Build Hackathon 19:00Z Jul 1 @ #apr
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 21:15:43 GMT

: I was hoping to do it as "cleanly" as possible, with no MSYS or
: to be able to stay just with the  windows cmd shell. If not I'd be
: Cygwin.

Yes, you can compile Apache with
any Windows C compiler with the
help of only Windows OS files.

Use the Windows built-in script engine
that is, cscript.exe or ( Windows Script
Host - WSH ) as it is called, using plain
VBScript or JScript files for any script
type needed work.

Send the VC++ DSP make files into WSH
scripts to create GNU makefiles and etc.!

These above scripts can even "run" in a HTA

Introduction to HTML Applications (HTAs)

for text boxes, radio and combobox selections,
and whatever GUI type stuff needed to pick the
compiler - BCC or MingW or Watcom or VC++.

Then compile and adjust the Apache source
code as needed  ( and it will be needed ).

WSH Samples:

Online The System Administration Scripting Guide

Script Center

New System Administration Scripting Guide Series on
TechNet: "VBScript Primer"

You will most likely hear that only the
Unix type tools can be used.

Good luck to you,

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