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From "Nick De Decker" <>
Subject traffic logging per vhost
Date Sun, 16 Jun 2002 10:25:58 GMT
Hello list,

I want to log the traffic usage of my namebased virtualhosts in a mysql database, so i would
like a logfile like : "virtualhost <bytes>"  for every hit so that i can parse that
file with something like perl and put the traffic in the mysql db.
I still need seperate access logfiles for every virtualhost. I tried to specify 2 logfiles
for every virtualhost, one with a pipe to some perl-parsing script. But it seems apache runs
a seperate instance for every virtualhost, so performance dropped :(
So what's the best way to have a serverwide accesslog that contains the name of the virtualhost
and the number of bytes of the hit. I still need the seperate logfile per virtualhost.
I thought of getting one big logfile and use some script to split it up and write the users-logfile
myself, but since i'm having a couple of hundred vhosts i prefer not to do this because i
need to store all that pathinfo...

What about a simple apache module that just writes this simple log to a file, or is this impossible


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