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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: Recursive error processing.
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 21:54:54 GMT
> From: Paul J. Reder []
> While Allan Edwards and I were doing some testing of SSL we ran into a
> case
> where we were able to send Apache into an infinite loop which
> consumed the machine's resources.
> The problem occurs if you send a request to
> (instead
> of "".

This was working a few days ago, and is in fact a part of the test

> The problem seems to be related to the fact that ap_die should be
> the custom_response and just dropping the connection (which is what
> does)
> rather than falling through and trying to send a custom response via
> internal_redirect.

1.3 doesn't drop the connection, it sends a custom response.

> Is this an artifact of the recent changes for 401/413 processing? Is
> symptomatic
> of a bigger problem of infinite loops during error redirects?
> This all starts because the SSL post_read_request hook function
> (ssl_hook_ReadReq)
> returns HTTP_BAD_REQUEST after finding sslconn->non_ssl_request set to
> (by
> ssl_io_filter_input after it notices ssl_connect fails in
> ssl_hook_process_connection).

Hold on, I think I know what the problem is, I'll try to commit a fix in
a few minutes.


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