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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite "improved"?
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 14:42:54 GMT
On 3 May 2002, Austin Gonyou wrote:

> Should mod_include/mod_rewrite become a merge at some point or are they
> too different?

Whoa... totally different.  mod_include parses documents, mod_rewrite
manipulates URLs.  When I said it was similar, what I meant was that they
both have some built in functions but should be extendable by other

For example, mod_include uses tags like <!--#foo ... -->, where "foo" is a
function name whose corresponding handler function looked up from an
optional function hash table.  Eg, handle_if, handle_else, handle_include,
handle_echo, etc.  See the function include_post_config() and then search
for "handle_func" in send_parsed_content() and you'll see what I mean.

So mod_include already does this, mod_rewrite should as well.  Right now
mod_rewrite does a big if/elseif/elseif/.../ set of strcmps.  If it just
did a hash table lookup instead, we'd be set!


   Cliff Woolley
   Charlottesville, VA

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