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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: libapr* ...
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 15:25:20 GMT

This should be on  I have copied that list.

On Fri, 3 May 2002, Marc G. Fournier wrote:

> A couple of questions here ... I'm looking at the APR work that has been
> done, specifically in relation to the shared memory on win32 work, with an
> eye to making use of it to work towards a 'native' version of PgSQL
> instead of having to run through Cygin ...


> Reading the license itself, use of that code shouldn't constitute a
> problem, nor conflict with our BSD license ... unless I'm reading it
> wrong, they are relatively complementary ... is this correct?

The Apache license is BSD based, so you shouldn't have any problems.

> Assuming that I am correct, and that such use is/would be acceptable, has
> anyone thought to pull it out of the apache dist and create a
> libapr.tar.gz package, similar to the libapreq.tar.gz stuff I see on the
> ftp site?

Yes we have, and this is definately in plan.  The problem recently has
been one of time rather than desire.  I believe most of us would like to
do a release of APR, and we would like to create binary and source
packages, but we just haven't had time.  I personally, am finishing a
major project in the next month, and I hope to become more involved again
as soon as that project is done.  My first hope is to work on the APR
distribution system.

Welcome aboard....


Ryan Bloom               
550 Jean St
Oakland CA 94610

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