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From Igor Sysoev>
Subject Re: Is Apache Proxy Half-Duplex?
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 16:08:28 GMT
On Wed, 22 May 2002, Zvi Har'El wrote:

> Experimenting with an Apache Proxy,  I noticed that in version 1.3 (the latest
> cvs snapshot) it behaves in a half-duplex fashion. That is, it doesn't read the
> backend server response until it have finished transmitting the client's
> request body. This is pretty annoying, mainly if the request involves a very
> large post (file upload), and the backend sever response, after the headers,
> says "Please wait patiently...". I wonder: are there any intentions to change
> this? It seems that full-duplex operation requires two threads per proxy, which
> is not how the Apache proxy server works. Is the situation different, or going
> to be different, in Apache 2? Just for reference, the Squid proxy doesn't
> suffer from this deficiency.

If you use Apache 1.3 then you can try mod_accel.
mod_accel uses temporary files if backend reponse or client POST
is bigger then memory buffer.

Igor Sysoev

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