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From "Miguel Camargo" <>
Subject Development documentation
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 12:17:49 GMT

I am new in the list and i don´t know if this is the correct place for my 

I am doing a proyect with Apache and i need to know how works Apache 
internally. I need to look into its source code and try to understand how it 
goes more or less.

My problem is that i have downloaded the latest version of the server 
httpd-2.0.36 and i have been looking into its source code but is really 
complex to try to understand it looking at first into the code, and i would 
like to know if there is some kind of guide or document anywhere that could 
explain in some way the source tree structure and the internals of the 
server, that could guide me to understand the source tree of apache.

I apologize if this question is not apropiate in this mailing list.

Thank you!

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