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From "Tahiry Ramanamampanoharana" <>
Subject mod_rewrite "improved"?
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 11:09:55 GMT
Hi all,

(My english isn't very good so I hope you understand this email)

I am a newbie with apache but I am curently writing an apache module for web 
hosting. I am using mod_rewrite to do mass virtual hosting. The feature that 
I really need in mod_rewrite is RewriteMap. Since I am already writing an 
apache module, I don't want to use an external program to do the mapping 
(External Rewriting Program) and mod_rewrite doesn't offer us to create our 
own internal function. I wanted to hard code my function within mod_rewrite 
but then I saw that APR permits us to write optional functions.

With with APR's optional functions, it's possible to create my own
mod_rewrite optional function. All I have to do is write an optional
function and have mod_rewrite look in the optional functions' hash table for 

I was wondering if this feature can be added as a standard to mod_rewrite in 
the next releases of Apache 2. Right now, each time I switch to a new 
version, I have to remake the modifications.

I attached with this email my version of mod_rewrite.c and mod_rewrite.h and 
all my modifications are marked with something like:
/* ===== START ADDED BY TAHIRY ====== */
The modifications I made in mod_rewrite.c are in cmd_rewritemap().

Can someone look at what I did and tell me if what I did is OK or if there's 
a better way to do it.


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