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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: win32 changes from 1.3
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 21:28:50 GMT
At 03:36 PM 5/22/2002, you wrote:
>In 1.3 we did not need to specify a drive letter
>for ServerRoot and DocumentRoot paths but in 2.0
>it appears we must specify the drive letter or Apache
>will not start as a service. (note: the 2.0.36 .msi
>install sets the drive letter so this limitation is
>not immediately apparent to those users).

In 1.3 we screwed around with the current working directory to
fix it at the server root.

If you run Apache 2.0 on the same drive as the current working
directory, it will behave just fine [please demonstrate otherwise if
I'm missing the point of your comment].  If your cwd is on another
volume, that's a problem.  This hurts services, since the cwd will
always be c:\winnt\system32\.

I suggest we cwd to the server root on startup.  We can do this
in the winnt_mpm, or for all platforms in main().  Opinions?

>Also, in 1.3 the -k stop/restart directives worked
>even if you started Apache from the command line.
>Now it appears that -k is only effective when
>running as a service.

Because you don't need -k stop in order to stop the server,
ctrl+c and close window are both recognized.

Apache is a daemon [Service in Windows' terms].  Using it
otherwise is and should remain the exception, not the rule.
In 1.3, service support was 'experimental'.  In 2.0, console
support is 'experimental' and service support is rather well
pounded out.

>Were these changes intentional or did they slip
>in inadvertently?

Changes?  2.0 is a rewrite/overhaul, the code looks almost nothing
similiar to 1.3.  So you could say the cwd behavior was overlooked,
but the delta to 1.3 means we don't expect to behave identically.

-k preferring a "service" was a deliberate change.


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