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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: An unusual request
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 01:30:13 GMT

   I think this is a good direction.  What about IndexResults [with a 
default of 2xx/3xx]?

   Shorthand would be #xx for a group [so you could include 2xx 3xx 4xx], 
or explicit
response codes, say 200 only.


At 07:06 PM 5/15/2002, Chris Taylor wrote:
>I use Apache on my own machine for testing and development purposes and 
>have recently upgraded from 1.3.22 to 2.0.36 (tonight in fact).
>In general, I'm very impressed with the new features, and my PHP execution 
>speeds seem to have improved as well.
>However, there is one major gripe I have, and I hope you can help me with 
>it. On my index page, I rely on Apache to index my folders there, and have 
>used a README file to add a few aliases I have on to the bottom of this list.
>Under Apache 1.3.22 this all worked fine, but unfortunately the changes 
>made to the auto-indexing system have ruined this somewhat in Apache 2.
>I note that in the changelogs you added this:
>*) mod_autoindex now excludes any file names that would result in
>      an error, other than a success or redirect.  Also optimized
>      the parent directory, always included except in the URI '/'.
>      [William Rowe]
>Unfortunately, this is not always a desirable situation (well, for me at 
>If you look here: <> 
>(Apache 1.3.22) and here 
><> (Apache 
>2.0.36), the difference is obvious. By hiding pages that will produce an 
>error it has hidden my passworded folders (or at least this is my 
>assumption here?). This behaviour is somewhat undesirable, and I can 
>imagine people with similar systems where they know of passworded folders 
>but are happy to have them indexed would find this problematic.
>Basically, what I'm suggesting is that this feature be added as an option 
>(possibly to IndexOptions?) to allow indexing of error-inducing pages 
>under certain circumstances.
>Or possibly I've just missed the option already ;)
>Anyway, thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

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