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From "Rose, Billy" <>
Subject mod_auth_referer
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 17:13:29 GMT
Could someone please take a look at this module and see if it would benefit
Apache 2? It authenticates based on HTTP referer. It doesn't authenticate
requests ending in "/" as that is for the indexing to decide on. Also, any
pointers are warmly welcome.

.conf file directives:

  AuthReferer [on|off] #authentication on or off
  DirectUrls [on|off]  #blank referer header allowed?
  AllowReferer <list of referers> #the list of referers allowed to have

Changes to be made soon (if module is usable by the Apache Group):
  currently server wide - will add dir config later
  will expand the system to be more like the allow,deny of mod_auth_access

Billy Rose

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