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From Stipe Tolj <>
Subject [PATCH] 1.3: Cygwin specifics in http_main.c
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 09:20:07 GMT
Attached is a patch for allowing user changes on the cygwin platform
and a #define wrapper for the timeout singal we use to kill of pending
open childs that do not react on "usual" signals.

The signalling issue seems to be a problem on the Cygwin platform, but
it's abstracted, so other platforms may benefit from it. Again,
nothing else is changed in behaviour.

Changes are:

  * src/include/ap_config.h: added the system uid for Cygwin that is
the "root" user on Cygwin

  * src/main/http_main.c: some cygwin specific #defines around
setpgrp() and getuid() calls. Adding the #define SIG_TIMEOUT_KILL to
define which singal should be used to kill of timed out childs.
Defaulting to the know value for all other plaforms.

  * src/modules/proxy/proxy_cache.c: cygwin specific #define around

Please review and apply to cvs if suitable. Thanks in advance.

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