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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: [1.3] Proxy fixes and FWD: Re: [apache-modules] Setting bytes_sent in Request Record while generating all headers by myself in Apache 1.3]
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 10:17:05 GMT
Martin Kraemer wrote:

> About the X-Forwarded-* stuff: It's non-standard anyway (you can add
> any X-whatever header and still be RFC2616 compliant) so I'd rather
> not see it in 1.3 now (maybe in the next release ;-)
> I've seen proxies like squid hang because of nonstandard headers
> (proxy-connection: keep-alive) so I am not very fond of polluting the
> header namespace with more non-standard cruft.

These headers have been present for a long time in the httpd-2.0
mod_proxy, and are also added as standard by Squid, so they do
definitely work. As there is not likely to be another release unless new
bugs are found, I would rather add it now and see it included, rather
than add it later and have it never released.

I'll commit it now (as I am in an internet cafe and cannot commit it
later), however if there are any -1's please revert the commit before
the release.

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