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From James Tait <>
Subject [PATCH] (updated) prg: type RewriteMap can now take arguments again
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 17:02:32 GMT
Cheers Ryan, that was the function I was looking for. :P

The patch has now been updated to use the apr_tokenize_to_argv function. 
Tested and working fine on RH7.1.

Incidentally, what is the best source of documentation/information on the 
apr and apr-utils supplied functions?  I'm currently using a combination of 
grep'ing the source and the docs at 
and -- I don't know how I managed to miss 
that function at the bottom of the page. /me shrugs



>>See bugzilla id #8464 for details....

> There is a function, tokenize_to_argv, which given a string, will pass
> back an argv array.  If we use that, then we get the ability to quote
> the arguments, and there is less duplicate code.  Please re-submit with
> that change, and I will apply the patch.
> Ryan

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