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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject Re: Mod_deflate
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 03:46:47 GMT

Jobarr wrote:
> I have been using mod_gzip with Apache 1.3.x and I would like to continue to
> compress my html, so I am looking into mod_deflate with Apache 2. I compiled
> it myself and it seems to be working (running 2.0.36 on Windows XP/2000). I
> know it is "experimental", but are there any real known problems with it
> that would prevent me from using it? Also, with mod_gzip, I had to manually
> exclude some browsers because they could not support the compression even
> though they claimed they could. Is this possible with this module in its
> current state or is it needed?

I think mod_deflate just got moved out of experimental into filters in 
37-dev. (with some minor patches for performance added)

as for excluding browsers you will need to set the 'no-gzip' variable
(via a browsermatch I guess)


> thanks
> -Jobarr

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