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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Stripping Content-Length headers
Date Sun, 05 May 2002 18:56:02 GMT
Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> On Sun, May 05, 2002 at 08:03:24PM +0200, Graham Leggett wrote:
>>I understand the Content Length filter is responsible for sorting out
>>Content-Length, and that chunked encoding will be enabled should the
>>length be uncalculate-able, so it works as it is - but the question is,
>>if we already have a content-length, should we not just keep it?
> Nah, this allows us flexibility in optimizing the data sent to our
> client.  If we can send chunked-encoding, I believe that is a better
> than using C-L.  I believe that the RFC allows us to do these sorts
> of optimizations.  
> IIRC, the PR wasn't saying there was a problem with our approach - it
> was just that the admin didn't understand that was legal.  -- justin

Woh... Take this with the usual "I'm no expert in this" preface, but 
this doesn't seem right.

Just to start, what about HTTP/1.0 clients?   Even for HTTP/1.1 clients, 
it seems chunked encoding should only be used when necessary.  Chunked 
encoding is extra overhead, and removes information that may be valuable 
down-the-line.  We don't send chunked encoding for ordinary static 
content when we are the origin server, do we?


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