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From Thom May <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] improve config dir processing
Date Tue, 28 May 2002 17:24:58 GMT
* Joshua Slive ( wrote :
> On Tue, 28 May 2002, Thom May wrote:
> > I'd be quite surprised if anyone in a mass vhosting environment _wasn't_
> > using it, to be honest. Especially the recursion.
> >
> > This seems like a pretty bad thing to remove.
> Could you provide more details about this?  I can imagine some very
> limited situations were the recursion might be helpful, but I would expect
> it to be very rare.
Our shared servers host around a thousand vhosts each between 4 or 500
Recursion allows us to group vhosts by user under a central directory
structure - it saves a huge amount of time being able to do this rather than
having either one huge httpd.conf or a thousand files in one directory. 
Also, it allows automated tools to easily and efficiently create and delete
users and vhosts.

> Include is really only a convenience to the administrator.  It can't be
> used for distributed management, because anyone with write access to one
> of these directories could easily crash the server at the next restart.

Certainly. As an administrator I'm all for as much convenience as possible

Thom May ->

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packages distributed across 13 different architectures (in various stages
between pre-alpha and release quality), maintained by 700 amateurs with often
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