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From "Webmaster33" <>
Subject Re: [suggestion] ShebangAlias directive - to keep to make CGI scripts more portable
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 14:36:14 GMT
Yep, I know about the ScriptInterpreterSource directive.

You may know, there are many problems for newbie users, 
who usually don't know how to solve to have their Perl scripts 
being portable, executabe also on Unix & Windows boxes, 
without the need of altering the shebang line.

The suggested ShebangAlias directive, would mean an
easy-to-understand solution for newbie users.
Also webmasters & support persons would be glad, 
because they would be able to easily point to this directive 
instead to explain, how to use the ScriptInterpreterSource 
directive & registering the correspondent appropiate 

I hope developers will like the idea, and if there is no such 
development under way, will implement the suggested feature 
into one of future Apache 2.x versions.


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On 2002.05.27 at 08:46 Bill Stoddard wrote:

>Checkout the ScriptInterpreterSource directive. It is not quite as
>flexible as your
>suggestion but it may solve the problem.
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>From: "Webmaster33" <>
>To: <>
>Sent: Monday, May 27, 2002 8:03 AM
>Subject: [suggestion] ShebangAlias directive - to keep to make CGI scripts
>more portable
>> Hi All,
>> As I know there is a planned config feature to be able to
>> override the shebang line, but as I know there is no any
>> result for it, yet:
>> ------------------------------
>>     * PR#4241: config
>>       Need to be able to override shebang line to make CGI scripts
>>       more portable.
>>         Status:
>> AND
>>     4241 config   suspended Need to be able to override shebang line to
>make CGI scripts
>>     more portable.
>> ------------------------------
>> I would suggest a "ShebangAlias" directive for the Apache config file.
>> I don't know if there is already something similar under development,
>> but this feature would be very important for those users who would like
>> to use their Perl scripts with the least possible modification when they
>> are porting their scripts, or are just developing under Windows
>> environment, later are running their scripts on Unix server.
>> This would really help us to make CGI scripts more portable.
>> Would look like following:
>> ShebangAlias /usr/local/bin/perl "C:/Perl/bin/perl.exe"
>> Any info about similar feature, which may be under development
>> would be fine...
>> Thank you,
>> Webmaster33

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