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From Martin Kutschker <>
Subject [PATCH] Fix for SSLMutex option settings not being honoured
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 14:25:55 GMT

[Sorry if this is posted twice, but I'm not sure if my first mail got through]

With the SSLMutex option the user could (in 1.3.x) ask for file based or
semaphore based locking. Now mod_ssl asks APR for the default mechanism completely ignoring
the option values.

The patch fixes this and changes the SSLMutex command offering these options:

default | yes
none | no
sem = sysvsem | posixsem
file: = fcntl | flock

The meaning of "yes" changes to "default", "sem" will use either Sys V or Posix semaphores
(the former are preferred) and file will use either Fcntl or Flock (preferring Fcntl).

The command remains (reasonably) backward compatible and is now in sync with the AcceptMutex

I deem more than 200 lines too long for listing it here. The patch can be found as an attachment
to the accompanying bugzilla bug 8122:

The path adds some diagnostic output in the case of an error and corrects the command description
string as well.


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