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From Tom Howell-Cintron <>
Subject mod_autoindex vs. auth'd directories
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 04:55:17 GMT

I use mod_autoindex and have noticed that in httpd-2.0 (either 2.0.35 or
the current CVS sources) directories that "require" authentication won't
appear in the auto-generated index until _after_ I've authenticated.  At
first I thought this was a (nifty, but useless to me) feature, but I've
found no reference to this behavior in any of the documentation.  I tried
other authentication modules, various options, et cetera, all having the
same result: unless the client has authenticated, mod_autoindex doesn't
show the directory.

I'm posting this to the list as I'm not sure whether it's a bug or a
feature, and I am quite certain that the powers that be would rather I not
clutter up Bugzilla.  If it is a bug I'll report it properly.. if not, my
apologies. =)

Tom Howell-Cintron

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