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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: PHP Bugz...and other extra noise
Date Fri, 12 Apr 2002 17:40:16 GMT

On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> Can we provide the following text from the bugzilla welcome page
> ... even if we place it below the usual
> buttons?  [If it should appear below the first page's form, a big link to
> #policies at the top of the page would be nice.]

+1.  A couple comments below.

>    Do NOT submit a problem report without searching the existing ones first
>    to ensure that the issue you are reporting has not already been addressed

Is there any way to make the search box on the main page search both open
and closed reports?  At the moment, it does not search closed reports.  If
not, it should probably be noted explictly.

>    Do NOT send configuration questions or requests for help debugging your
>    installation, locate the appropriate users support mailing list or
> newsgroup
>    instead.

Change the comma to a semi-colon.

>    Do NOT report security vulnerabilities through this form!  Send all security
>    vulnerability reports via email to <>.  Do NOT send
>    questions about security or configuration to either <>
>    nor this bug forum, send such questions to the appropriate users support
>    mailing list or newsgroup.

Again, change the comma after "forum" to a semi-colon.  I think the "nor"
should be "or", but I don't have a grammar book handy to check.

>    Do NOT report bugs in PHP, use the PHP Project's bug reporting database
>    at

>    If you're tracing spam or you're here because one of your favorite Web
> sites
>    now says 'It Worked! Apache is installed!' -- then contact the mail
> originator
>    or the Web site's Webmaster directly, because they're just using our
> software
>    and we have nothing to do with them. Don't waste your time or ours by
> telling
>    us about it.

I'm not sure that this is necessary.  We haven't yet seen any problems.

>    Finally, before submitting your first report, DO read the bug submission
>    guidelines at
>    Following the guidelines will assure the bug is resolved much more quickly.
> Any comments or objections?

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