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From Andrew Ho <>
Subject Benchmarks for Apache 1.3.24 versus Apache 2.0.35
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 01:28:19 GMT

I ran some benchmarks on Apache 1.3.24 versus Apache 2.0.35 that you may
find interesting. Particularly, I found the worker MPM suffers performance
issues on our dual-processor Solaris x86 systems. pbinding Apache to a
single processor improves performance at higher concurrency levels, but in
a somewhat unpredictable way.

The benchmarks are naive (so far using only ab to select a small 1k text
file), but probably generally representative.

The benchmarks can be found here:

If benchmarks shouldn't be posted to this list, I apologize in advance;
please reply to me privately and I won't do it again when I rerun some
more refined tests.



Andrew Ho     
Engineer                   Voice 650-930-9062
Tellme Networks, Inc.       1-800-555-TELL            Fax 650-930-9101

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