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From "Sander Striker" <>
Subject Touched files since last tag or not included in the tag
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 10:33:24 GMT

You busy lot seem to be committing on a daily basis again ;)
Of the files below, is there anything people have strong
feelings about whether it should go in?

U BuildBin.dsp
U NWGNUmakefile
U build/
U docs/manual/mod/mod_cache.xml
U docs/manual/platform/win_compiling.html

U include/ap_mmn.h [the minor bump instead of major]

U modules/experimental/mod_mem_cache.c
U modules/proxy/NWGNUproxy

U modules/ssl/README              [synching of mod_ssl I take]
U modules/ssl/ssl_engine_log.c
U modules/ssl/ssl_scache_shmcb.c

U srclib/apr/CHANGES
U srclib/apr/apr.dsp

U srclib/apr/ [the /dev/zero change ("no" from justin)]

U srclib/apr/libapr.dsp
U srclib/apr/include/apr_compat.h
U srclib/apr/include/apr_signal.h
U srclib/apr/include/apr_want.h
U srclib/apr/test/testvsn.c
U srclib/apr/threadproc/netware/signals.c
U srclib/apr/threadproc/unix/signals.c
U srclib/apr/threadproc/win32/proc.c
U srclib/apr-util/misc/apr_rmm.c
U srclib/apr-util/test/
U srclib/apr-util/test/testrmm.c

U support/ab.c [the seperate version scheme]

U support/ [does this include Thom/Piers patch?]


T -23h30 :)

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