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From "Sander Striker" <>
Subject RE: FW: shared dav_svn is not relinking
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 08:52:29 GMT
> From:
> []On Behalf Of Jeff Trawick
> Sent: 17 April 2002 19:25

> "Sander Striker" <> writes:
>>> 1) always do libtool --install
>> +1.

Can we agree on this?  Since we are using libtool throughout our
entire build it seems inconsistent to bypass it here.

>>> 2) look in installed .la file for the name that must be passed to
>>>    dlopen and rename that file in the target directory to what we
>>>    think a DSO ought to be named
>> But we only need to do that for AIX, Tru64 and HP-UX.
> I don't really believe that :)  libtool has as many nuances as there
> are operating systems.  It seems easy enough to look in the .la file
> and if the name to dlopen is different than what we want, rename what
> it got installed as.

Can you give me some examples?  I am totally in the dark here and
some input on what happens could possibly enable me to help solve
the problem.

Also, is this solvable in libtool itself?  IOW, can we come up with
a patch to libtool that solves the problem?

>>> 3) since this design does libtool --install for every DSO, we need to
>>>    work hard to zap the extra system-dependent libtool-created
>>>    files/symlinks in the target directory
>> But that's not too hard.  We can zap everything not ending with .so,
>> right?
> sounds right...  and you have to account for a possible "lib" prefix
> on some of the files

How did the lib prefix get there in the first place?  (does that happen
on AIX, Tru64 or HP-UX?).  If you pass -module to libtool you can name
it anything you like; like we do for our modules.


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