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From "Sander Striker" <>
Subject RE: 2.0.35 related: Website tweak, upgrade servers
Date Sat, 06 Apr 2002 12:18:28 GMT
> From: Mladen Turk []
> Sent: 06 April 2002 13:53

> > still shows:
> >
> > "Apache 1.3.24 is the best version of Apache currently available;
> >  everyone running 1.2.X servers or earlier are strongly urged to
> >  upgrade to 1.3, as there will not be any further 1.2.X releases.
> >  At present, the Win32 port of Apache is not as stable as the UNIX
> >  version."
> >
> > We probably want to demote 1.3 a bit.
> >
> What bothers me is the statement the "Win32 port of Apache is not as stable
> as the UNIX version".

This is not in the 2.0 part of the page.  This only goes for 1.3.  In the
2.0 section:

"This version of Apache is known to work on many versions of Unix, BeOS, OS/2,
 Windows, and Netware. Because of many of the advancements in Apache 2.0, the
 initial release of Apache is expected to perform equally well on all supported
> Are there any chances to get rid of that (IMO stupid) Win32 port warning
> stuffs.

No need, there is no warning ;)

> If the Win32 port is not as stable as the UNIX one, how the stable is UNIX
> Solaris compared to UNIX AIX, UNIX Linux, etc...

See above.

> And on the other hand what is the Win32 port? Is it Windows 95, Windows NT
> 4, 2000, or XP?

I think that we can safely assume that Apache 2.0 was targetted at Windows NT 4 and
up.  I personally wouldn't want to have to worry about Windows 9x (for obvious
reasons I think).

> MT.


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