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From "Brian Havard" <>
Subject Content-Length problem
Date Sun, 28 Apr 2002 04:21:52 GMT
In current HEAD (and the 2.0.36 tag) I'm seeing an incorrect
Content-Length: header in the case where:

- The request is for a directory index
- Config has: DirectoryIndex index.shtml index.html
- The requested directory has an index.shtml
- The index.shtml contains an #include virtual

The response contains a Content-Length that is far too small & the body
isn't chunked (request is HTTP/1.1). If the same index.shtml is requested
explicitly there is no Content-Length & the body IS chunked so this looks
like some kind of weird interaction between mod_dir & mod_include.

I would think this is a showstopper for 2.0.36.

 |  Brian Havard                 |  "He is not the messiah!                   |
 |  |  He's a very naughty boy!" - Life of Brian |

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