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From "Brian Havard" <>
Subject PHP apache2filter problem
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 17:06:38 GMT
I'm trying to get a PHP4 OS/2 port working with Apache 2.0.35 but have hit
a problem that may need a filtering guru to fix. I'm working with the 4.2.0
branch as that's what's slated to be released before long.

The problem I've found is that the SG(server_context), which holds a
pointer to data allocated from the request pool, lives into the next
request which causes a crash in ap_save_brigade() called from

Tracing through with a debugger, the sequence of events is:

- SG(server_context) starts life as NULL
- php_output_filter() sets it, uses it, executes script, NULLs it again
- php_input_filter() sets it, uses it
- request ends
- next request, php_output_filter() sees it's non-null & tries to use it,

So it looks like SG(server_context) needs to be NULLed at the end of the
request but I can't see an appropriate place to do that.

It also seems fishy to me (and is probably the real problem) that
php_input_filter() is run AFTER php_execute_script() has finished. Isn't
that's too late?

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