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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject [FINDINGS/PATCH] --enable-shared="moduleA moduleB" not working on Darwin...
Date Sat, 27 Apr 2002 20:54:35 GMT
<context file="STATUS">

    * --enable-mods-shared="foo1 foo2" is busted on Darwin.  Pier
        posted a patch (Message-ID: <>).


Naya... Doesn't work -AT-ALL-... It looks like a bug in /bin/sh which on
Darwin is ZSH or some major misunderstanding between that and autoconf.

It really looks like that given a parameter like '--enable-mods-shared=a b'
with a space and quoted with single quotes (or double quotes, FWIW),
_somewhere_ that thing gets expanded in two parameters...

Now, linking /bin/sh with /bin/bash (my package), makes everything work,
although I wasn't really able to make a test case (it seems to work from the
command line, but once you get around in autoconf's madness, something gets
really wacky, both with Autoconf 2.13 - default on darwin - or my version of

Therefore, I believe that to make it work we'll need to wait for 10.2 where
/bin/bash will be the default shell (whohooo!). Or (patch attached) change
the behavior of --enable-modules and --enable-mods-shared.

Instead of having a whitespace separated list of module, we can have a comma
separated list, and that will work on Darwin with both Autoconf 2.13 and
2.52, and I tested it on solaris 8 as well with Autoconf 2.13...

The patch to, instead, is just a little m4 fix for a wrong
(IMO) evaluation of double quotes arguments (shouldn't it be made with [ ]


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