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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: httpd-2.0 policies was Re: ApacheCon scheduling
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 00:42:35 GMT
"Justin Erenkrantz" <> wrote:

> Well, there are a number of issues that I think we'd need to hash
> out before thinking about what comes next.  Should we open 2.1
> now?  I don't think so.  But, should we in three or four months?
> Perhaps - it depends how 2.0 goes.

Good... You scared the bejesus out of me :)

> A much more important question that we need to start thinking
> now about is how set are we on this module API?  Are we going to
> allow changes to go into 2.0 that require module authors to
> modify their code?  I believe I'm pretty dead set against that.
> 2.0 API is now closed.  If we want to change the API, we need
> to do it in a 2.1.  But, I think we need a set policy.  That
> requires discussion here on-list.  Hopefully, we can start
> that now.  I believe the answer to this question dictates how
> soon we open 2.1/3.0.

And as a module writer, I'd like to see that API carved in stone for a
_long_ time now... It's basically only 3 months that I (in my extreme
dumbness of C, I admit) can write an Apache 2.0 module without starting to
cry trying to figure out what segfaults (my code or your code)...

Before someone will pick up and try out _my_ modules, it'll take _AT_LEAST_
another six months good, and after that, I'd really like to get some
vacation and try to get a girlfriend rather than chasing web-servers :)

> But, we'd also benefit (IMHO) from a meeting face-to-face where
> a majority of our developers can go to.  I'm just curious how
> many of our developers would *not* attend ApacheCon Las Vegas
> in November.  If we have enough that can't make it, I think it
> warrants us considering other options for meeting.  Perhaps
> I might be the only one who can't/won't make it.  If so, then
> so be it.  -- justin

Do it on this side of the pond and I'm game... :) Or another good chance
would be Oreilly's Open Source conference in San Diego in late July (just
because I'm going to be there) or around that area (CA) around that time.


I think that it's extremely foolish to name a server after the current U.S.
President.                                                 B.W. Fitzpatrick

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