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From Brian Pane <>
Subject [PATCH] worker MPM optimizations
Date Sun, 28 Apr 2002 07:03:57 GMT
I'm posting this for comments before committing...

Here are some more changes the worker MPM code to reduce
the time spent in mutex-protected regions.

This patch takes advantage of a new property of the worker
design that resulted from Aaron's queue_info changes: the
number of connections in the queue can no longer exceed the
number of idle worker threads.

There are two changes in this patch:

  * Eliminate the use of the queue->not_full condition
    variable (because the idle thread count in queue_info
    keeps the listener from being able to overflow the queue)

  * Change the queue back to a stack.  The reason for this
    is that it reduces the cost of the push and pop operations
    to a near-minimal level.  I think it's now safe to use a
    LIFO structure again, because we can depend on there being
    enough idle threads to handle all the connections in the


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