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From Brian Pane <>
Subject changes for server/mpm/experimental?
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 05:48:04 GMT
I'm trying to update the config scripts to support MPMs
located under server/mpm/experimental/*.

It's easy to change server/mpm/config.m4 to set $MPM_DIR
to server/mpm/experimental/[mpm-name] for specific MPMs.

However, there's code in / that does this:

if test "$abs_builddir" != "$abs_srcdir"; then
  APR_ADDTO(INCLUDES, [-I. -I\$(srcdir) -I\$(top_builddir)/os/\$(OS_DIR)
-I\$(top_srcdir)/os/\$(OS_DIR) -I\$(top_builddir)/server/mpm/\$(MPM_NAME)
-I\$(top_srcdir)/server/mpm/\$(MPM_NAME) -I\$(top_builddir)/modules/http
-I\$(top_srcdir)/modules/http -I\$(top_srcdir)/

so the include path ends up with the wrong path for the
MPM's directory.  I can't simply change it to use
"-I\$(top_builddir)/\$(MPM_DIR)" instead of
"-I\$(top_builddir)/server/mpm/\$(MPM_NAME)" because
server/mpm/config.m4 isn't sourced until later in the
configure script, so $MPM_DIR isn't defined yet.

I'm hesitant to start moving lots of code around in because I have so little familiarity with
autoconf.  Can someone with a better understanding of
the configure scripts advise on how best to fix the
setting of the include paths?


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