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From Brian Pane <>
Subject Re: slow apache 2.0
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 19:16:28 GMT
Nick De Decker wrote:

>Hello again,
>These are my current worker settings (defaults from standard httpd.conf)
>StartServers         2
>MaxClients         150
>MinSpareThreads     25
>MaxSpareThreads     75
>ThreadsPerChild     25
>MaxRequestsPerChild  0
>=> With these settings apache 2.0 kicks ass, but only if concurrent requests
>is lower then 26
>26 => 1000 per second
>27 => 50 per second
>I still have to install flood but haven't installed cvs for the moment, can
>i find tarballs somewhere ?
>Ab wont be the best benchmark test, but one must admit that the performance
>drop between 26 en 27 concurrent connections is horrible.

I've managed to recreate this scenario with the worker MPM on Linux.
By instrumenting the worker code, one thing I've found is that sometimes
the file descriptor queue in a child process can become full (causing the
listener to block, and the just-accepted connection to sit in limbo for
a while) in conditions where the server as a whole (across all child
processes) has plenty of idle threads.


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