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From Greg Ames <>
Subject 2.0.34 - erratic behavior with autoindexes
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2002 22:39:20 GMT
I noticed something weird on daedalus on the test build.  It looks like we're
not autoindexing directories with HEADER.html or README.html files correctly. 
You see the contents of HEADER.html and/or README.html, but not the other files
or subdirs in the directory.  Often, the Mozilla animation keeps going as if the
browser thinks more info is coming. 

Examples of the failure:

The second one gives me different results from IE5 when I hit refresh -
sometimes the end of the README.html appears to be missing; sometimes it
displays as plain text with the first part of the HEADER.html missing, the http
headers visable in the middle, followed by duplicate html. 

But this one, which doesn't have a HEADER.html or README.html, works fine:

(get rid of the :8092 to see how the production server behaves.)

I have band practice tonight so I'll be offline shortly.  I'll leave 2.0.34 up
on daedalus in case anyone wants to check it out.


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