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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] make mod_proxy not accept HTTP/0.9
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2002 19:11:47 GMT
Adam Sussman wrote:

> This patch adds a configuration directive "ProxyRequireValidHTTPStatus".
> When enabled, mod_proxy will require a valid HTTP status line from the
> destination server and throw a 502 Bad Gateway error if it does not
> get it.  Basicaly, this disallows backasswards reponses.
> Why would one want to do this?  Well, I have a setup where my handler
> is first attempting one proxy destination, and if that does not work,
> it tries another.  It works by discarding the output of any response
> that isn't a 200 and then trying another gateway.
> If the gateway doesn't return a valid HTTP 1.0 or better status line,
> mod_proxy assumes a 200 OK response.  In my environment, I control all
> the gateway servers so I know that a working gateway will always give
> me a real HTTP status line.  If it doesn't, I want to consider it a
> bad gateway and try another.

This looks really arcane to me though - there are very few HTTP/0.9
servers out there that I am aware of to start with, adding functionality
to specifically not support them seems like software bloat to me.

Is this a real problem in your installation?

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