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From Scott Lamb <>
Subject [patch] small perchild fixes
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2002 18:46:58 GMT
I've attached a small patch to perchild that

- makes perchild compile with the server/mpm/perchild ->
  server/mpm/experimental/perchild move.
- fixes a typo I made in an earlier patch. It ran the GID through the user
  name lookup. (I didn't notice because on my test syste the uid, gid,
  username, and group name were all the same.) oops.

Please apply.

(It doesn't address the larger problem that perchild just didn't work for
me, requests hung.  rbb's last commit message to mpm.h suggests this is not
unexpected. Since I know nothing of either the old or new locking APIs, I'll
leave that alone.)

Scott Lamb

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