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From "David Hill" <>
Subject Re: connect to listener warning message
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2002 22:14:38 GMT

> > [Thu Mar 28 13:11:43 2002] [warn] (49)Can't assign requested address:
connect to listener
> "one per second" sounds like idle server maintenance

That does seem to be the Apache code where the message is coming from based
on the comments around it.

> "can't assign requested address" on a connect sounds like your machine
> is out of ephemeral ports (you were whacking it over loopback I'll
> bet) to assign to the source socket doing the dummy connection

Actually no - I am wacking it from a remote machine.

I think that something else is going on, but what I don't know at the
moment. The problem starts when a load is put on the machine but continues
well after the load is removed (as in hours). The machine is tuned well
enough that it handles the load without a sweat with 1.3

I can reproduce the problem with ./ab -n 400 -c 20
http://hostname/staticfile which should hardly be enough load to warm up the

I am going to try turning off ipv6 to see if that makes any difference, and
if that does not put some debugging code in to see if I can figure out what
is going on.

Any other suggestions as to what to look for would be appreciated.
Dave Hill

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