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From "David Hill" <>
Subject question on ap_content_length_filter
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 21:23:13 GMT

(note: I thought I sent this but never saw it show up on the list. If it is a repeat, I humbly
regret the transgression)

Hi all,
    I have a question on ap_content_length_filter(). I ended up
wandering through this function while chasing a bug in a module. In
short, I was trying to figure out why I would get a content length other
than the one I thought I was setting in my module. Turns out I did have
a bug in the module (a bucket size was off by one).

    A question was raised in my mind however.... If a generator module
sets (using ap_set_content_length() of course), shouldn't
ap_content_length_filter() honor that ?

In that function there is the line:
        ctx->compute_len = 1;   /* Assume we will compute the length */
Is this a good assumption ?

I would think that if a generator has set the value, then the value
should be left alone.
If a filter does something that would change the length, it should
unset/reset the value.
If no value is set, then ap_content_length_filter() should compute the

It should be noted that ap_content_length_filter only overrides the
content-length if the content length falls below a send threshold (in
most cases).

Dave Hill

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