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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: 2.0.34 - erratic behavior with autoindexes ( I believe the bug is analyzed in this message)
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 00:11:18 GMT
> > > > We are talking about the main request flushing its
> > > > buffers before it runs the request.
> > >
> > > Um. How'd the buffers get filled before running the request?
> >
> > The problem is that the main request generates content, and that
> > into the OLD_WRITE filter buffer.  Then it creates a sub-request.
> > the sub-request doesn't use the same OLD_WRITE instance, you have a
> > major bug.
> Huh? No...
> Let's say the main req created an OLD_WRITE and put some content in
> Next, the sub-request inserts its own OLD_WRITE instance (which it
> but let's run with this). The subreq then starts jamming content into
> own OLD_WRITE. When the subreq goes away, an EOS will hit the
> the sub_req, which will flush the content on up to the main request.
> main request's OLD_WRITE will prepend its data, and continue flushing
> data down the pipe.
> Now, the SUBREQ filter actually intercepts that EOS, but it does pass
> data along. The OLD_WRITEs are emptying their buffers properly.
> Now, the real situation is that a second OLD_WRITE won't be added.
> you
> call ap_r*(), it will scan the entire chain looking for an existing
> OLD_WRITE to be present. If it is there, then another won't be added.
> the
> filter is not at the top, it won't be used.
> And lastly, remember the ordering of the filters. Even if the subreq
> inserts
> stuff, the OLD_WRITE should always remain at the "top".

No.  The filters are ordered on a per-request basis, so even if the main
request has the OLD_WRITE filter, sub-request filters won't be in filter
chain below that OLD_WRITE filter.

A graphic might help:

If I have a request with the filter chain:

OLD_WRITE  -> INCLUDES  -> byterange  -> C-L  -> CORE

There are two ways to create the sub-request.

1)  Point the sub-request at the filter stack, which should produce:

SUB_REQ_EOS  -> OLD_WRITE  -> INCLUDES  -> byterange  -> C-L  -> CORE

Any other filters for the sub-request will be inserted before the
SUB_REQ_EOS filter.

However, what is happening instead, is that filters are being added

OLD_WRITE  -> SUB_REQ_EOS  -> INCLUDES -> byterange  -> C-L  -> CORE

The problem with this, is that the sub-request->output_filters pointer
is pointing to SUB_REQ_EOS, not to OLD_WRITE, which means that the
OLD_WRITE filter is being missed entirely for the sub-request.

2)  Don't point the sub-request at the filter stack:  (All RESOURCE and
CONTENT_SET filters are removed from the sub-request)

SUB_REQ_EOS  ->  byterange  -> C-L  -> CORE

I hope that explains it.  I am hoping to look at this in a lot more
detail later tonight.


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