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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: proxy not sending Content-Length
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 05:43:37 GMT
> mod_proxy does not send a Content-Length header, seems because of the
> flush bucket inserted by ap_proxy_http_process_response()
> if i break in ap_content_length_filter, when a request is handled by
> default_handler, brigade looks like so:
> (gdb) dump_brigade b
> dump of brigade 0x8235318
>    0: bucket=FILE(0x8238c28), length=26, data=0x8238c78
>    1: bucket=EOS(0x822e998), length=0, data=0x0
> here's what it currently looks like when handled by the proxy:
> (gdb) dump_brigade b
> dump of brigade 0x82310a8
>    0: bucket=HEAP(0x822e998), length=26, data=0x8238c28
>    1: bucket=FLUSH(0x8218ea8), length=0, data=0x0
> (gdb) dump_brigade b
> dump of brigade 0x82310a8
>    0: bucket=EOS(0x8238c28), length=0, data=0x0
> if i remove the flush bucket (patch below), then proxy requests do get
> Content-Length header.  doesn't seem like proxy should be flushing to
> begin with.  thoughts?

The proxy should flush, because otherwise the data won't stream to the
client.  The problem that I see, is that the proxy shouldn't be removing
the C-L from the response that the origin server provided.

If you can get a C-L by removing the flush bucket, then the C-L filter
is the thing providing the header data.  But, we have a C-L from the
origin server, so we should just use that C-L.


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